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Keynote Address: Weaving Oral Health in Community

The evolution of man has been influenced by shifts that impacted who we are today, our current anatomy and health. This talk is a rallying cry to reclaim our health, teeth first, by reconnecting teeth to the rest of the body, and by recognizing tooth decay and other oral problems as sentinel events with deep root causes begging for our attention. Weaving Oral Health in Community’s purpose is to inspire you into action, to inspire you into becoming a companion in the design of a path not against tooth decay but rather a path toward a more inclusive model of health for everyone.

As a change leader, Dr. Pariseau brings a fresh perspective on Oral Health built on a strong foundation of hands on experience, a lifetime of studies, and a vision for community embracing oral health as an essential component of overall health. After obtaining her Doctorate in Dental Medicine from Université de Montréal with honors, Dr. Pariseau started her career at Sainte Justine Hospital for Children in Montréal. She then went into private practice alternately as as a partner, an associate, and as a solo owner. Dr. Pariseau completed all of the core courses plus specialty courses in occlusion and esthetics at the world-renowned Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education. She also earned certification in CAMBRA (Caries Management By Risk Assessment) from University of California in San Francisco; in Chronic Disease Prevention from University of Toronto; in Social Entrepreneurship from University of Pennsylvania. She was a semifinalist in the Global Health & Innovation Conference at Yale University in 2016 and delivered a TEDx Talk in Salt Lake City that has now garnered more than 12,000 views. What triggered Dr. Pariseau’s change leader journey are the hundreds of hours she invested in volunteer work with underserved populations in Canada, United States and Nicaragua. Most of this work is focused on risk assessment, prevention and education where there are great needs for investment. Today Marielle describes herself as a dentist with the soul of a Tooth Fairy. She is an explorer engaged in the complex discovery of how community can contribute to oral health as part of its fabric of caring. She is an an architect enabling others to build and develop new oral health support systems. Her core belief: oral health is a fundamental right.


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